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Summary of Services

  • Land Transport Management SystemsLess

    A safety management system provides for a systematic work environment as a natural part of day-to-day activities with requirements relating to OHS policy and procedures. A land transportation safety management system incorporates further specific vehicle related elements such as a driver’s behaviour, fitness to work, in-vehicle monitoring systems, vehicle procurement and fit-out, fatigue management and driving related policies.

    BG has consultants with extensive expertise in managing solutions, gained from operating in some of the most hostile, challenging

    environments and terrains both nationally and internationally. BG can assist with the development of a safety management system or plan that is tailored to address the actual risks of the organisation and integrate with your current safety systems. Additionally BG can assist with the implementation and execution of the land transport safety system.

  • Journey ManagementMore

    The primary objective of this Journey Management is to enhance the safety of drivers and passengers by minimizing risk exposure through the identification of hazards and mitigation of risks associated with each journey. Joumey Management is crucial to the safe conduct of land transport operations. BG specialises in all aspects of JM and can provide services in the following areas:

    • Road Hazard Analysis
    • Risk Assessments
    • Trip classification
    • Journey Authorisation, planning and monitoring
    • Emergency Response

    BG specialise in the development, implementation and operational management of journey management ensuring land transportation operations are conducted safely and pursuant to local and national legislation and best practice.

  • Technical Road Safety Consulting Services More

    Road Safety Audit:

    Our formally trained and qualified staff will conduct road safety audits across the public road network and for mining clients. Road safety auditing is a formal process that can be applied to all phases of a road project, new mine or to an unsafe feature of an existing road system. The auditor must be independent of the designer or asset manager so that the existing or proposed arrangements are viewed without bias. The purpose of the road safety audit report is not to rate the design but rather to address any road safety concerns.

    The objectives of a road safety audit are to:

    • Review the existIng or proposed design and background information & form conclusions about the safety performance and accident potential
    • Evaluate the existing or proposed arrangements in terms of their interaction with the surrounds and nearby roads, and to visualise potential impediments and conflicts for road users
    • Report on the conclusions drawn and to make recommendations regarding aspects involving unnecessary or unreasonable hazards. Successful Road Safety Auditing is based on extensive experience in crash investigation. Understanding what features of a road system can cause or contribute to a crash assists in the identification of similar features and hazards that may not yet have caused a crash but have the potential to do so.

    Successful Road Safety Auditing is based on extensive experience in crash investigation. Understanding what features of a road system can cause or contribute to a crash assists in the identification of similar features and hazards that may not yet have caused a crash but have the potential to do so.

    Mine Road Safety and Haul Road Design Review:

    Traffic Management Plans (Design and Approvals)A Traffic Management Plan represents a framework for developing location specific treatments to address traffic related issues. It recognises the often changing nature of the traffic environment within mining operations.

    Our highly experienced staff can develop, review and approve site specific Traffic Management Plans and feasibility studies to improve road safety, promote safety awareness, improve road traffic conditions and implement improved road traffic management systems in accordance with applicable statutory requirements. It represents a framework for developing location specific treatments to address traffic related issues.

    Traffic Management Plans (Design and Approvals):

    Traffic Management Plans (Design and Approvals)Mine operators have identified vehicle interaction as one of the biggest hazards on a construction or mine site. The implementation of appropriate risk minimisation measures and safeguards is however often less than optimal.

    Our specialist staff have extensive experience in reviewing the design of a proposed haul road or mine layout to improve the road safety and reduce vehicle interaction around a mine by applying practical solutions to reduce the risk of incidents around a mine site. They will apply the principles of safe design using the knowledge and experience gained from working across the mining and resource sectors. The benefit to the mine operator is safer roads, reduced incidents that can lead to accidents and lost time injuries

  • Road Hazard AnalysisMore

    Traffic Management Plans (Design and Approvals)Organizations should have a framework that integrates the process for managing risk into the organization’s overall governance, strategy and planning, management, reporting processes, policies, values and culture. A road hazard analysis (RHA) will identify potential hazards which may impact upon road transportation operations. The RHA should feed into an organisations risk management profile and assist in determining journeys requiring journey management and providing the basis for drafting journey management procedures and local journey management plans. BG can assist a client in conducting a RHA and identifying likely hazards and the most appropriate controls to mitigate the risk.


  • Assessments / Auditing of Land Transport SystemsMore

    Barbaro Group road safety consultants have extensive experience in conducting international land transport safety audits for the mining and resource sector. Barbaro Group draws on more than 35 years of experience of international road safety practical experience in diverse locations such as the United States, Middle East, Australia, Asia, India and the United Kingdom.

    Barbaro Group safety auditors are qualified and experienced in conducting complex and challenging audits to RABOSA standards. Our consultants are specialists in international safe system approaches to road safety auditing. Barbaro Group can provide detailed audit reports

    which identify deficiencies pursuant to the client’s documents or national/international standards. The audit reports are designed to not only identify all of the areas of concern but to also prioritise the deficiencies and to provide a recommended corrective action plan which can be implemented by the client. Unlike traditional auditors. Barbaro Group possesses the capability to assist clients with the implementation and close out of the corrective actions.

  • Contractor ManagementMore

    Traffic Management Plans (Design and Approvals)The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) recognises that driving related incidents is the single largest cause of fatalities in the oil and gas industry and recognises that the use of contractors to provide land transport services increases this risk. Active and ongoing participation by client, contractor and their subcontractors is essential to achieve the goal of effective HSE management.

    The model Work Health and Safety Act (Act) is being implemented across Australia. The Act outlines that a Person or Business Conducting an Undertaking (PBCU) has the primary duty of care to provide a safe work environment irrespective of whether the PBCU is using contractors or not. Worksafe Australia has released an Interpretive Guideline detailing that on a construction site the principal, contractor and sub-contractors may all be considered the PBCU and therefore the duty of care may cascade down from the principal to all sub-hers of contractors.

    In respect of transport and logistics operators and most specifically long haul operators the national ‘chain of responsibility doctrine’ is another factor that affects the use of transport providing contractors. If you use road transport for any part of your business you are part of the ‘Chain of Responsibility’. Pursuant to the laws of each State and Territory, you can now be held legally accountable if, by your actions, inactions or demands, you cause or contribute to road safety breaches.

    BG can assist client’s through development and execution of a contractor management program that establishes clear accountabilities, ensures active engagement of contractors, and provide a consistent Contractor Safety Management program to eliminate health, environment and safety incidents and injuries among contractors. This service assists to mitigate the risks in relation to using contractors by completing an extensive assurance program to ensure that the contractor is compliant with all the existing procedural, operational and legal requirements.

  • Incident Investigation / Root Cause AnalysisMore

    Traffic Management Plans (Design and Approvals)An incident, near miss or accident is an opportunity for an organisation to identify the root causes of the incident. Once the correct root causes are identified appropriate mitigation strategies can be put in place to reduce the likelihood of the incident occurring again.

    Barbaro Group has a strong investigative bench strength with multiple staff who have extensive experience in completing complex investigations. Barbaro Group also has an extensive network of international technical experts who can be brought together to form a highly qualified and experienced investigative team. These members of staff and consultants are experienced with various investigative methodologies. Barbaro Group employees can work with your investigative methodology to manage or assist in investigations at the desk top or on site.

    Barbaro Group can help you with:

    • Motor Vehicle Crash Investigations;
    • Incident Investigations;
    • Risk assessments;
    • Causal analysis; and
    • Identification and implementation of Corrective Actions.
  • Oil and Gas Producers Association – Land Transport Safety Recommended Practice, Report 365More

    Driving related incidents are the single largest cause of fatalities in OGP member company operations. It is an industry expectation that all companies operating land transport, or providing services involving land transportation, have in place a management system which includes land transport operations and is based on a full assessment of the risks and measures to address such risks.

    An effectively implemented management system with due focus on land transport will yield many benefits, including improved driving safety performance with a consequential reduction in the number and severity of incidents leading to a reduction in injuries and fatalities.

    Barbaro Group has extensive experience in working internationally with road safety management systems. Barbaro Group can assist you to audit and improve your current safety system or implement a new safety system pursuant to Report 365. Barbaro Group can also map your safety management system against local standards such as the Australian Standard 4801 – Safety Management Systems.

  • ISO 39001 — Road Traffic Safety Management SystemsMore

    In October 2012 the International Standards Organisation released ISO 39001 – Road Traffic Safety Management Systems. This international standard is in line with the World Health Organisations Decade of Action for Road Transport Safety designed to help governments and organisations to reduce and ultimately eliminate the incidence and risk of death and serious injury related to road crashes. The standard specifies the requirements for a road safety management system to enable an organisation to reduce its road safety risk profile.

    Barbaro Group has extensive experience in working internationally with road safety management systems. Barbaro Group can assist you to audit and improve your current safety system or implement a new safety system pursuant to ISO 39001.

Key personnel

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