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Safety Training

Barbaro Group is unique in its capacity to provide all of your Land Transport risk management needs including the development of a safety management system which incorporates elements such as driver behaviour, fitness to work, in vehicle monitoring systems, vehicle procurement and fit-out, fatigue management and the creation of relevant policies to suit your business.

Associated with this, BG can provide professional training to ensure that your workforce is adequately equipped with the skills and knowledge to conduct their roles safely and in accordance with relevant legislation.


TLIF0001 Apply CoR Legislation, Regulations and Workplace Procedures
TLIF0002 Administer CoR Policies and Procedures
TLIF0003 Develop and Implement Policies and Procedures to ensure CoR Compliance
TLIA1001 Secure Cargo
TLIF2004 Load and unload goods
TLIF2010 Apply fatigue Management Strategies
TLIF3063 Administer the Implementation of FM Strategies


Title Description
Chain of Responsibility

A new legal concept termed the Chain of Responsibility will come into operation in March 2014 and will arguably have the most significant effect on land transport operators and the multitude of users of these services in recent history. The concept has been in development for approximately ten years and will dramatically extend the responsibility for legislative breaches across the whole logistics train, provide the regulatory authorities with strong investigative powers, make company officers personally responsible for breaches, introduce some unique penalties and incorporate a new statutory defence. Feel free to download BG’s own interpretation and information summary here.

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TWU Survey of Tanker Drivers

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has urged the Transport Workers Union to convince drivers pressured to work
dangerously to report illegal incidents.

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Risk Management Skills Training

This independent and informative article highlights the benefits and importance of risk awareness training and development for drivers in comparison skills based training. The study was conducted by Elvik,et al (2009), Gregersen (1996) and Mayhew and Simpson (2002). The article was recently adopted by the International Road Federation Safety Committee- Driver Behaviour, Education and Training Subcommittee chair- Eddie Wren.

BG is pleased that our Pro-Active Driver Training is aligned to the content of this study and that our course is actively contributing to sustained safe driving performance.

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Six steps to proactive driving

Pro-Active driving is acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty and, taking pro-active steps to prevent crashers.

Pro-Active driving is a process driven methodology to allow drivers to assess on road threats to evaluate driving conditions with a view of making safer decisions whilst driving.

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General Training

Individual and Organisational development is a growing focus to contribute to all reasonable steps being taken to enhance employability, productivity and safety. Barbaro Group offers a range of training which complement our service offerings. Once again, we emphasise the development of a product that is tailored to your needs is our goal.

BG can also review your operations and existing training to ensure that you are achieving compliance and attaining the maximum benefit from your training. This Needs Analysis can help you to refine your training strategies, enhance existing programs or identify new training solutions to develop human resource effectiveness and help you to meet your business objectives.


Don’t see a course that you need? BG has a wealth of experience in developing, enhancing and customising training to address your role requirements. We can draw on the vast and diverse range of experience and qualifications held by our subject matter experts to produce a professional package to meet your needs.

Contact our Training Manager for details