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In Vehicle Monitoring Systems

IVMS, when utilized to its maximum potential, is a powerful behavioural tool that will achieve a sustainable improvement in driving behaviour and implement positive road safety cultures within an organisation. The challenge for most companies is how to manage the data correctly and produce meaningful information to provide feedback and coaching to drivers, supervisors and trainers which encourages good driving and to modify unsuitable driving.

Barbaro Group has over ten years’ international experience in the implementation and management of IVMS data to enable the end user to get the most benefit from their system.

We can assess and improve, manage and report on driving behaviours in real-time, 24 hourly, weekly or any other given period. We can provide any range of reports from complex detailed reports through to high level custom reports.

Supply, Installation and rollout of In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems

Barbaro Group has experienced technical and safety specialists that can provide expertise in the implementation of IVMS and the roll out of programs to deliver sustained safe driving performance.

Barbaro Group project manages the implementation of IVMS for customers utilising our E2M methodology which integrates project management, change management and value realization. This methodology comprises the following phases:

  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Analysis
  • Delivery
  • Project Optimising and Monitoring

Development and alignment of IVMS to company policies and procedures

With the introduction of IVMS the management of change process is critical to the success of the program. This involves the development or alignment of existing policy and procedures to ensure that the workforce understands the intent of the program. Barbaro Group has experienced personnel that will ensure that the management of change is seamless, effective and results in sustained safe driver performance.

IVMS behavioural programs including coaching, mentoring and feedback

If you want to improve driver performance, you need to combine multiple influences into an overwhelming strategy. Barbaro Group utilises the Influencer Model to modify behaviour to achieve sustained safe driving performance. IVMS is one of the sources of influence and the data obtained is critical to influence driver behaviour. It therefore essential that supervisors, managers and the drivers understand and interpret the data enabling conversations to occur that address good and poor performance.

It is critical that the recipients of this data are trained, coached and mentored to enable effective feedback to be given to drivers. Barbaro group can provide assistance and expertise in the design and execution of an IVMS behavioural program.

Journey Management

Journey Management (JM) is a critical requirement for the safety and wellbeing of employees travelling in vehicles on non-routine journeys. A non-routine journey is a trip that involves travelling outside the confines of a city, town or camp, to remote areas, during the hours of darkness, extreme weather conditions or areas where there is little or no communications or infrastructure.

Barbaro Group provides expertise in the design, implementation and day to day management of JM systems utilising IVMS technology.


Most organisations have internal corporate safety policies and may also be required to adhere to guidelines set by state and federal government bodies. Barbaro Group compliance solutions are designed to work hand-in-hand with enterprise fleets to ensure compliance with internal and external regulations, while also improving fleet efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Fleet Management

Managing an efficient fleet is all about receiving the right data at the right time and being empowered to take immediate action. IVMS fleet management capabilities give managers direct insight into fleet productivity and provide the tools to increase the efficiency of drivers.

Barbaro Group provides expertise in the design, implementation and day to day management of Fleet Management systems utilising IVMS technology.

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